Monday, July 15, 2024
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We are in the midst of an increased pace of technological change and the changes in the coming decades will be a magnitude of order greater than anything that has happened before. Artificial Intelligence has been identified as one of the next-gen technologies that can shape the future of the world and can create plenty of job opportunities. Robotics is on the cusp of an exciting new era as robots become more reactive, intelligent and human-like, as well as finding applications in a range of industries. Technologies such as Machine Learning, Vision Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Speech and Signal Processing and Big Data Analytics represent an unprecedented opportunity for the enterprise and the public sector. Every institution capable of exploiting these technologies will have a chance to radically streamline and enhance existing processes, create entirely new business models, and develop innovative products and services for a new generation of consumers. To address these issues large number of trained manpower are expected in these fields in coming years. It is with a vision to tap this opportunity, Mahatma Gandhi  University has established School of  Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. The post graduate and research programmes of the school can contribute much to this requirement by providing training to young technology and research graduates. The school also envisions to promote academic research in specialized areas like Vision Intelligence, Speech and Language processing, Big Data Analytics etc. by establishing specialized labs and workstations  equipped with, high-end computing  and supporting facilities.

The School offers post graduate programme in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, that reflects the state-of-the art software and hardware technological advances and expose students to new, much sought-after skills and up-to-date areas of research. Recent technological advances are incorporated into the programmes by developing novel cross disciplinary approaches and subject areas such as Embedded Systems, Robotics, Computational Intelligence and Virtual Reality.