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Scheme and Syllabi in OBE Framework (2021 Admission Onwards)


Programme Specific Outcomes 

MSc Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

PSO 1: Critical Thinking and Evaluation

Capability to critically evaluate ideas, evidence and experiences from an unprejudiced and reasoned perspective.

PSO 2: Scientific Analysis and Reasoning

Ability to analyse, discuss, interpret and draw conclusions from quantitative/ qualitative data and experimental evidences.

PSO 3: Problem Solving

Capacity to extrapolate and apply their knowledge and competencies to solve problems and contextualise into research and develop relevant software solutions to real life problems.

PSO 4: Multidisciplinary/Interdisciplinary/Transdisciplinary Approach

Ability to acquire knowledge and formulate solutions in interdisciplinary/ multidisciplinary/transdisciplinary levels of problem solving in a collaborative environment.

PSO 5: Communication Skills

Ability to document, present and demonstrate ideas and complex problem solutions in a very clear and effective way with the aid of appropriate tools.

PSO 6: Leadership Skills

Ability to work effectively and lead respectfully with diverse teams, formulating a goal in a smooth and efficient way.

PSO 7: Social Consciousness and Responsibility

Ability to evolve as a socially committed and responsible scientist/software professional meeting global demands and able to appreciate equity, inclusiveness and sustainability.

PSO 8: Moral and Ethical Reasoning

Capable of demonstrating the ability to identify ethical issues related to software development and use ethical practices in all phases of software development/deployment and research and embrace moral/ethical values in conducting one’s life.

PSO 9: Networking and Collaboration

Acquire skills to be able to collaborate and network with scholars in an educational/, professional/research/industry organizations and individuals in India and abroad.

PSO 10: Lifelong Learning

Ability to acquire knowledge and skills through self-paced and self-directed learning and adapt to changing trends and demands of work place through knowledge/skill updation/reskilling.