Monday, July 15, 2024
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About Us

Mahatma Gandhi University established School of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics  in the year 2019 with an objective to impart higher education and research in the field of  Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and thereby to meet the increasing demand for high quality, well trained  AI professionals in the country.  The post graduate programme in Artficial Intelligence and Machine Learning  offered by the School aims to impart theoretical and practical knowledge in the specialized area of Artificial Intelligence.


School of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics envisions to emerge as a premier academic institution of excellence that innovates for a better future of the nation, through teaching, learning and research.


  •  To nurture holistic graduates equipped with leadership and technology skills to address global technological challenges by means of innovative solutions.
  •  To develop global capabilities in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for industrial and scientific solutions.
  •  To focus on training, research and consultancy that will gear up for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics and Advanced Data Analytics.