Monday, December 4, 2023
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Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Lab

In collaboration with NVIDIA, School of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics has established an Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning (AIDL) Lab to accelerate research and innovation in the University.  AIDL lab houses a key system from the NVIDIA DGX series. The lab will enable to offer course/project work along with job-oriented, hands-on training/capacity building workshops and research facilities to its students in the area of AI including Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics. Alongside, the AI lab will also build strong AI capabilities of Mahatma Gandhi University campus, powering AI revolution across research facilities everywhere.

 NVIDIA DGX Station™ A100 at a Glance

  • Delivers 2.5 peta FLOPS of performance— for training, inference, and data analytics
  • Four fully interconnected and Multi-Instance GPU (MIG)-capable NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs with a total of 160 gigabytes (GB) of  GPU memory

DGX A100 Station

AI and DL Lab

Class room

Conference room